Kimber is a woman on a mission with a passion and a purpose, with a natural ease about her that makes others instantly feel welcomed and as if you've been best friends for years.

Kimber returned to her "adopted" home of Memphis, Tennessee from Little Rock, Arkansas in the late spring of 2015 to pursue a huge passion of!

She started featuring Memphis artists in the local music scene, under her production company, “SSDE Ventures” in 2015. She has since changed the name to encompass her entire brand, “Walking In Memphis With Kimber” as she and her radio show are now known globally.

In 2015, Kimber had the opportunity to go in the studio and record a couple songs with original Sun Label Recording Duo and Rockabilly Hall of Fame Inductees Alton and Jimmy. This led to Kimber being offered a recording contract with an indie record label. Both the project and contract have since expired. She is now working on new music independently, with the goal of releasing an EP in 2020.
Over the summer of 2017, Kimber completed a solo tour in Mexico and Scotland to raving success. “It had always been a dream of mine to tour, to see if I could actually do it. Doing a solo tour like that validated me in ways I can’t explain. I hope to go back and do more shows in Scotland again in the near future.”
In 2015, Kimber was cast in the Memphis-made music video for the song, "The Bucket" as the "Hot Chick" for Memphis artist, Frank Findley, known in the local music scene as “The Country Surfer”.

Kimber has been hosting her own rockabilly/retro country digital radio show, "Walking In Memphis With Kimber" on Speedway Radio, since 2016, where it quickly reached the #1 slot in the digital talk/rockabilly slot in the world, and is currently broadcasting in 119 countries. The show has gone through several transformations since its beginning, but one thing has, and will always, remain the same: Keeping Elvis Presley’s music front and center. His songs are played on every show, regardless of the show theme that week. Kimber says, “Elvis was my first musical influence. He’s the reason why I wanted to sing and entertain. He’s the reason I have met so many of my music-industry friends and he’s the reason I have a show and got to tour. I will always include his music in every radio show I do. He opens and closes every show, and that will never change”.

Under the WIMWK brand, Kimber is working on several projects due to come out in 2020, including a new live video series, a podcast, WIMWK merchandise, a public speaking project, and featuring even more great artists and their music. She is also co-owner of Speedway Radio, working in tandem with fellow co-owners, Javier Estrada and Claudia Mellado on a new promo campaign for 2020.
When not working, Kimber can be found at home relaxing with Waylon the house panther, chasing after The Squish Monster and bathing Bentley the Tortoise. She is also a beauty consultant, as well as a very basic crocheter.